About the Painting: Beating for Home

Beating for Home depicts a <<enter details about the type of boat, in what situation, in what geographic location, in what time period, etc.>>.

The inspiration for this painting came from… <<Write a sentence or two about when, where, how, why you came to create this painting. Write a sentence or two about how it felt to create the painting, how it makes you feel when you look at it today, what emotion you hope it evokes in viewers.>>

<<A sentence or two about color palette, brush technique, type of paint used, canvas size, etc.  Was it an “easy” painting or a more difficult one? Were there any particular artistic challenges you encountered in creating the work? >>

<<A sentence or two about how this painting relates to others in your oeuvre…is this a theme you’ve explored frequently? How is it different from and similar to other paintings you’ve created? Alternatively, how does it contrast with paintings by other artists? Humble comparisons to other artists who may have inspired you might be appropriate.>>